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This  information has  been written to help answer some of your questions  about the operation of adenoidectomy.  If, when you have read it, you are still in doubt as to what is  intended,  please do not hesitate to ask, we are here to help.

The Operation Itself

Adenoidectomy is a day case procedure taking around 15 minutes. It does require a short general anaesthetic. The surgery is done through the month so there are no cuts or scars on the outside. I use a technique which is called ‘suction diathermy’. This allows accurate removal of the adenoid with minimal blood loss.

Once the operation has finished your child will go to the recovery area and you will be called to take them back to the ward with one of the nurses. The most important thing at this stage is to encourage your child to have a sleep for as long as possible. Once they have woken up they can have some sips of water and provided all is well something to eat. It is a good idea not to overdo things at this stage as some children do feel a little nauseous.

My operating list is starts first thing in the morning and you should be able to go home by early afternoon.

What to expect afterwards

The procedure is not very painful but I do recommend regular paracetamol (calpol) for 24-48 hours afterwards. If you think your child is still unsettled then I am happy for you to give some junior ibuprofen (neurofen). Children may seem a bit more blocked up initially because of some swelling and also say that their throat is sore. This will settle in a few days.

I ask you to keep your child away from other small children (except for brothers and sisters) for  the rest of the week. This is to prevent infection at the site where the adenoids have been removed. 

Some parents report that their child’s voice sounds a little different after the operation. This is because there is more space at the back of the nose and air can now pass more easily down it.

One rare problem can be bleeding from the mouth or nose. If this occurs please contact my secretary or, out of hours, the nurse in charge of The Portland Hospital immediately.

I would like to see you 10 – 14 days after surgery to ensure all has healed well. 

You should not plan to fly until you have had your post-operative appointment.

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