Covid19 – Coronavirus Update

Miss Wyatt’s clinics and surgery are proceeding as usual. Please note that the one parent/one child rule for attendance still applies.

From the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Portland Hospital was quick to introduce stringent safety measures to ensure the well-being of patients, staff and visitors. I have been seeing patients face to face since the middle of May 2020 and can provide all the services offered previously in outpatients, including hearing tests, microsuction and nasendoscopy (with the appropriate PPE).

I am pleased to confirm that the hospital is fully open for private surgery, after working in partnership with local hospitals over the past few months to ease the strain on the NHS during this difficult time.

I know many parents have concerns about their child coming into hospital for an operation in the current climate. The Portland Hospital and I are both dedicated to safe and quality care and these are some of the steps we are taking to ensure this:

Extra infection prevention measures – increased hand sanitiser/handwashing stations; all staff wear a medical grade facemask at all times; clinical areas deep cleaned regularly.

Screening – patients, visitors and staff are screened on arrival with a temperature check and questionnaire; a mask is provided to wear whilst on the premises.

Social distancing – pre-registration is carried out to avoid queues at reception; a limited number of patients in the building at any one time.

PPE – all staff wear the PPE appropriate to their role, following National Infection Control guidelines.

Covid19 swab testing – every child due for an admission to the hospital will have a Covid19 swab test 7 days prior to the planned date and another one 3 days prior to it. Only Covid negative patients will be admitted. All staff are tested on a weekly basis.

I hold a regular private operating list at the Portland Hospital, alongside my outpatient clinics. My secretary, Jo, will be able to advise on the costs involved which include the hospital’s and the anaesthetist’s fee.

I look forward to seeing and treating your child over the coming months.