Covid 19 – Coronavirus Update – June 2020

I am pleased to say that the Portland Hospital has commenced a staged re-opening of the paediatric out-patient facility. Measures are in place to ensure the safety of you and your child. These include temperature checking on arrival, the provision of appropriate personal protective equipment for patients and staff, social distancing within the building, thorough cleaning of consulting rooms between appointments, and adequate gaps between consultations to avoid crowding in reception and the waiting areas.

Face to Face Consultations

I am available again for face to face consultations. Please contact my secretary Jo on 020 7390 8301 or if you would like to arrange an appointment.

Telephone/video consultations

In addition, I am continuing with telephone and video consultations for the foreseeable future.

Jo would be pleased to arrange whichever type of consultation you prefer.

Surgery at the Portland Hospital

Consideration is also in place for urgent surgical procedures to be undertaken shortly. Children who meet certain criteria for intervention will be required to be tested for coronavirus and will need to have two negative tests before an admission can go ahead. Full details will be explained to you if the decision is taken to recommend surgery for your child.