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Nose Conditions

In this section you will find useful information on common conditions that affect the nose and sinuses.

1. Adenoids

Where are the Adenoids?

The adenoids sit right at the back of the nose between theopenings of the eustachian tubes. These tubes connect the nose to the middle ear.

What are the Adenoids?

Adenoids are made of lymphoid tissue, just like the tonsils. Lymphoid tissue does form part of the body’s immune system but there are lots of other bits of lymphoid tissue in the body and so adenoids can be taken out without any effect on the body’s ability to fight infections.

Why should the adenoids be removed?

Adenoids only need to be removed if they are causing problems. If the adenoids are large they cause nasal blockage and mouth breathing. This can be a particular issue at night, causing a child to have disrupted sleep and even episodes of breath holding (apnoea). Infection is the main reason for large adenoids and these children can also have persistent unpleasant nasal discharge and cough. Infected adenoids can lead to middle ear problems such as infection and glue ear.

For information about the operation of adenoidectomy click here

2. Nosebleeds

Bleeding from the nose can be quite alarming and the most important thing to note is that pinching the soft part of the end of the nose is the best way to stop it. Pinching high up on the bridge is not as effective.

Trauma from little fingers is the most likely cause and this can lead to a low grade infection in the nostrils which needs treating.

If the bleeds are heavy and frequent then nasal cautery might be necessary. This can be done under local anaesthetic in the outpatients.